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The Road to Bataan

The Bataan Death March

The San Fernando Train Ride

Camp O'Donnell

Clark Field Concentration Camp

Bilibid Prison

The Hell Ships


The Nomachi Express

Camp Nomachi

Surrender, Liberation, and Repatriation


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Alf R. Larson
Recorded Oral History

Governor Pawlenty
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KTIS Radio Interview
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Alf's Christian Faith

Alf's Letter to God

Alf R. Larson

In Memory:
Alf R. Larson
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US Representative
Erik Paulsen's Tribute

Alf Larson Day -
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Bataan Death March Route Map

Philippine Department of Tourism

Star Tribune:
March of Time
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Philippine Department of Tourism

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The Department of Tourism and Corregidor Foundation have preserved American Military freedom shrines in the Philippines. Excellent tour opportunities are available. Visiting these places is another way to honour these men and women who unselfishly sacrificed so much for the cause of freedom.

The Bataan Peninsula:

Battling Bastards of Bataan Memorial - Camp O Donnell --April 7, 2002

This peninsula sticks out in Manila Bay overlooking Corregidor Island and was the site of a heroic battle between combined American and Filipino Forces and the Japanese. The allied forces made a final stand to stop the Japanese aggression and delay the conquest of the Philippines. After the "Fall Of Bataan," a series of infamous Death Marches began in Mariveles and ended in Capas, Tarlac. Many American and Filipino soldiers died along the way. The entire historic march can be traced by following markers. Memorial at Mt. Samat, Bataan At San Fernando, American soldiers were crammed into boxcars and transported to the infamous Camp O'Donnell. On April 7, 2000, former death march survivors and representatives of the Philippine government dedicated the "Battling Bastards Of Bataan" memorial at the Camp O'Donnell site. Paid for by members of the Battling Bastards Of Bataan organization, it honours the over 1, 600 Americans who perished there from inhumane treatment received from their Japanese captors. As a tribute to the gallantry and bravery of the American and Philippine Forces, the Philippine government erected a huge towering 60-foot cross on Mount Samat.

Corregidor Island:

Corregidor Hotel

"The Rock" as it was commonly called during World War II, is the location for the Pacific War Memorial. This was the island fortress where big guns defended the entrance to Manila Bay. A tour includes the Malinta Tunnel, which served as headquarters for General MacArthur and his staff. A light and sound display in the tunnel simulate conditions when the island was under siege by Japanese Forces. There are a number of memorials throughout the island. Malinta Tunnel Main Entrance The most recent honours American Military Women who served under extreme hardship and earned the title "Angels Of Bataan and Corregidor." It was dedicated on May 6, 2000. Bus and Walking tours of this national park, which is operated by the Corregidor Foundation, are available. Corregidor Island is the perfect "all-inclusive" for the military buff and for anyone who enjoyed history in a beautiful setting.

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