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The Road to Bataan

The Bataan Death March

The San Fernando Train Ride

Camp O'Donnell

Clark Field Concentration Camp

Bilibid Prison

The Hell Ships


The Nomachi Express

Camp Nomachi

Surrender, Liberation, and Repatriation


University of Minnesota
Alf R. Larson
Recorded Oral History

Governor Pawlenty
State of the State Address Tribute

KSTP TV Newscasts

Duluth TV Newscasts

KTIS Radio Interview
Rick P./Paulette K.
Alf's Christian Faith

Alf's Letter to God

Alf R. Larson

In Memory:
Alf R. Larson
Star Tribune

US Representative
Erik Paulsen's Tribute

Alf Larson Day -
City of Crystal

Bataan Death March Route Map

Philippine Department of Tourism

Star Tribune:
March of Time
("Article of Interest" for 4-6 Grade Basic Skills Reading Test Prep)

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 Comment by IN MEMORIAM - JUAN A. ANINAO - AUG. 20, 2011 on 08/22/2011 @ 13:49:33 GMT

My father, Juan A. Aninao, was a lieutenant in the Phillipine army in an artillery unit who survived the Bataan March AND his POW experience until repatriated. HE passed away peacefully with family on Aug. 21, 2001 in Columbus Ohio. He was 98 years old, survived by the Army nurse he met, loved and married, now age 89, and his four sons.  Is there anyone out there who knew him?

 Comment by cj pruitt on 08/17/2011 @ 21:14:54 GMT

my uncle blanchard e. pruitt, died in the death march, his photo always hung over the door when my grandparents were living my father ,before his death placed a memorial for his brother in  THOUGHT OF HIM ALL OF MY LIFE

 Comment by Angela Glenn on 08/17/2011 @ 12:20:55 GMT

My Uncle, whom I never met was in the Bataan Death March and died on one of the hell ships from shrapnel injuries. His name was Vernon Hobbs Jr. from Richmond Indiana. Very proud of his service to our country! U.S. Army!

 Comment by Cliff Wilson on 08/17/2011 @ 01:06:18 GMT

Would be looking for info on Leland Chandler formally of Fisher, Illinois, not sure about branch of service., He survived the Death March, however never talked much about it. Was a good friend in Fisher, would just like to know where he is now, thank you.

 Comment by PAM L. on 08/16/2011 @ 16:48:03 GMT

My mother would talk about her brother, Ray Mason, who died after being shot in the back by Japanese soldiers.  He was ordered to exit his tank and told to run.  She would cry and tell me this story.  I had no understanding until all the Bataan information.  My uncle Ray was only 22 years old.

 Comment by B. McConville on 08/06/2011 @ 21:47:24 GMT

I just took a job in a school teaching social studies to 6th-8th graders. I began watching the Military channel and saw a story on the Bataan Death March and really want to express my gratitude to all of those brave men that served our country. I cannot believe you all went through what you did. You are an inspiration to all of us and your letter to God is very special. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

 Comment by Stephanie on 07/28/2011 @ 09:14:02 GMT

Looking for info on my grandfather Julius Swails who was in the Death March and escaped and hid in the jungle until found.  References to any books/short stories that are similar would be appreciated.

 Comment by on 07/11/2011 @ 00:19:01 GMT

just attended the ADBC convention in Pitt.PA it is now ran by the descendents i believe ther were surviviors from the march present ther is a museum in Wellsburg WV. You can see a lot of things there about the march

 Comment by Philip W Fisher on 07/06/2011 @ 13:58:49 GMT

I am trying to find Info on. Joseph James Majewski. CWT USNR.He was in the Navy.Date of Birth B.Oct 3,1921.  d.Aug 27th,1960 .I am doing this for His nice. any info appreseated. contact me at: .

 Comment by on 06/29/2011 @ 22:21:51 GMT

My father SGT Vincent Silva is a survivor of the Bataan Death March and over 3 years as a POW of the Japanese. He is now 93 years old and in pretty good health. His mind is still strong and he and I have completed his memoirs of his time during WWII. The book is titled Senso Owari and is available through  If you have an interest in this dark period of WWII please get a copy. Once you have read the book I would appreciate your comments on amazon or email me.


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